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Mud into Magic

Turn last year's failures into this year's success

A circle for writers & artists

Shine in 2020

Let go of blocks
Let out your brilliance
Let in success!

  • Fell short of your 2019 goals? Uncover the underlying reasons why--and what to do differently in 2020
  • ​Burst out of inertia, blocks, and boring work--and FREE the bold, groundbreaking artist inside you 
  • ​Open fully to the deepest creative inspiration within you--the foundation of a NEXT LEVEL OF SUCCESS in 2020
The New Yorker + a book
“Emmeline Chang shepherded me through a real dark spot in my artistic life–she helped me smooth out my tangled feelings, put aside old bad habits and thought patterns, and introduced me to some excellent creative materials and techniques…. I was able to produce and sell a lot more cartoons, including to The New Yorker, and she was a huge help in completing my book. I couldn’t be more grateful!”
Emily Flake| 

An agent + exciting projects + more money
“When I started with Emmeline, I had decided to quit my well paying job to pursue more fulfilling work, had been unable to write consistently for months, and felt as if I wasn’t making the decisions about where to take my life. Now, I can say happily that I am LIVING the good life I envisioned for myself at the start of our work together. A year later, I have an agent. I work on exciting projects that I believe in. I make MORE money freelancing than I did at my job, and I’m writing consistently and productively.”

Jeremiah Crowell|
EMMELINE CHANG is an award-winning writer, master coach, and creative mentor who helps artists do their truest creative work and succeed in their careers.

Through partnering with Emmeline, her clients have made dramatic career leaps: finding agents, winning awards, publishing regularly in The New Yorker, being featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, and more.

Emmeline has led a copywriting team at a Madison Avenue ad agency, run a successful writing business, and taught fiction and nonfiction at well-known NYC writing schools and workshops. Drawing on over two decades of career experience--as well as training in numerous transformational modalities, Emmeline is a catalyst for career- and life-changing results. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Big City Lit, and Bklyner. Emmeline graduated from Princeton University, has an MFA in writing from Columbia University, and lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two sons.
190 Garfield Place
Brooklyn NY 11215
(718) 499-2455
Shine in 2020: Let go of blocks, let in your brilliance, and let in success
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